To say all of those sliming corners of the internet with fanboy vitriol surrounding the Ghostbusters reboot are springing forth from the depths of misogyny is lazy. Are some of them anti-woman? No doubt. I’m sure some are pro-Bigfoot, believe the Da Vinci Code is real, and/or wear Crocs outdoors.

The stream-crossing point of contention is not female Ghostbusters. Fans are remiss to welcome any Ghostbusters suiting up not named Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis, or Ernie Hudson. I think a degree of reboot fatigue is quite a few itchy asses, as well.

I came across an article last year discussing this “controversy” and the author made a great point. I’ll try and do it justice while paraphrasing, but the overall idea was the original 1984 film was not about busting ghosts or the degree in which they were afraid of said ghosts. The magic of the film was witnessing arguably the funniest comedians in their prime coming together, catching lightning in a bottle, and encasing it in a ghost trap. They came, they saw, and they kicked the ass of our hearts and minds. This all-star dynamic could have delivered our heroes as garbage men or astronauts and enjoyed the same or similar box office success. Surely, the ghost gimmick served the franchise well as it hit the 1980’s trifecta with a cartoon, cereal, and toy line. The marketing helped solidify nostalgia into a generation. Oh, and that catchy theme song and music video didn’t hurt.

Now the reboot plague has infected another beloved franchise. Most reboots are crotch-punchingly unnecessary. This one is even more so when you take into account the cast. Much like in the 80’s, we have two of arguably the funniest comedians in their prime. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are hilarious. Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are great on Saturday Night Live but aren’t on the same level. Director Paul Feig has directed a few great comedies, notably with McCarthy and Wiig. All of this begs the question… why Ghostbusters? Why put them in proton packs and recycle a modern classic that no one asked for? Why not have them do anything else? Not trusting these four funny women with their own original project says more than any pasty troll banging on a keyboard.

Studios are constantly churning out shameless reboots and remakes while inserting big names to grease the box office. If anything, my sense is most fans feel the wrong franchise was fucked with this time. Not sure if I will see the new Ghostbusters. Either way, I am not anti-woman. I am anti-reboot.